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Business Administration


Dr. Omar Moufakkir

Department Head


Mission Statement

The Department of Business Administration at GUST offers a four-year degree program leading to a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. The Department of Business Administration is committed to offering high quality degree programs that are student-centred and result-driven in an environment that fosters creative thinking and life-long learning.

The Department’s primary objectives are to:

  • Provide our students with an American-based, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum that is unparalleled in terms of quality and scope;
  • Recruit, retain, and develop highly-qualified and motivated faculty;
  • Use and integrate state-of-the-art information technology;
  • Establish strong and progressive bonds with the business community in Kuwait and the GCC to address the needs of the community and the society at large;
  • Leverage the multi-cultured nature of GUST and of Kuwait and the GCC to develop paradigms for peaceful co-existence that would become successful models applicable around the world.