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Economics and Finance


Dr. Khaled Elmawazini

Department Chair

Mission Statement

With an unwavering commitment to ethics, morals, and hard work, the mission of the Department of Economics and finance is to provide financial experts with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to serve public and private sectors at national and international levels through teaching methods of the highest international standards.

The Department’s primary objectives are to:  

  • - Provide excellence in teaching through recruitment of the highest quality scholars from Western academic intuitions.
  • - Educate, through superior and innovative courses, traditional and non-traditional students who will supply knowledge, skills, and intellectual leadership in both the private and public sectors.
  • - Support the College’s acquisition and maintenance of the highest level international accreditation using positive benchmarks to measure and modify teaching and evaluation methods.
  • - Promote research of the highest quality.

Career Outlook:

Finance is the art and the science of managing money. In the corporate world, businesses must raise funds by selling stocks and bonds and borrowing from banks. They must evaluate the investment of these funds in plants, equipment and inventory. In the investment markets, individuals and institutions buy and sell stocks and bonds in an attempt to earn high returns and manage risk effectively. In the banking industry, managers attempt to raise funds by accepting deposits and earn returns by lending to individuals and corporations.

Increased investment by businesses and individuals is expected to result in fast employment growth of financial analysts and personal financial advisors in the next decade. Both occupations will benefit as the population ages and saves for retirement. A generally better educated and wealthier population will also require investment advice. Deregulation of the world’s financial services industry is also expected to spur demand for financial analysts and personal financial advisors. The globalization of the securities markets as well as the increased complexity of many financial products will also increase the need for analysts and advisors to help investors make financial choices.

Finance is a multidisciplinary field that combines various concepts from management, economics, and accounting with financial techniques to make sound business decisions and solve problems. The finance curriculum includes study in each of the areas of corporate finance, investments, and financial institutions and markets. Students learn the major theories that help finance professionals make decisions as they learn the practical side of financial decision-making.