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International Partner

Laboratory for Molecular & Cellular Dynamics

Boston University, USA



The CAMB signed a memorandum of understanding on February 2016 with the Laboratory for Molecular & Cellular Dynamics (Zaman’s Lab) from Boston University. This international partnership is aiming to:

  • Engage in joint research projects on cancer research;
  • Conduct research in the interface of cell biology, systems biology, and bioengineering;
  • Develop innovative mathematical models and solutions to improve the quality and practice of medicine in Kuwait and the GCC.



Prof. Muhmmad Zaman (Director of Zaman’s Lab, BU) with GUST management on the MOU signing day.  In the picture (from left to right): Dr. Helmi Temimi (Head of Mathematics and NS Dept.), Dr. Mohamed Ben-Romdhane (Chair of ICAMCB), Prof. Muhammad Zaman (Director of Zaman’s Lab, BU), Prof. Donald Bates (GUST President), Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan (GUST VP pf Academic Affairs), Prof. Ali Ansari (Dean of CAS), Dr. Iqbal Al-Shammari (Assistant Dean of CAS), and Dr. Taher Ali (Head of Computer Science Dept.).