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Faculty Information

The graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, 11th of December 2022 at 7:30 PM . It will take approximately 1.5 hours in length.


Attire information

Academic regalia is required for all commencement participants. Modification of gowns in any way is forbidden. Faculty members may use their own gowns.  



All faculty members should email their assistant admins to confirm there attendance before 2:00 PM on Sunday, 4th of December.



Contact either Mrs. Maria Fernandes on 25307401 or Fernandes.M@gust.edu.kw, or Ms. Shahad Dawara on 25307322 or Dawara.S@gust.edu.kw


Contact Mrs. Heballah M. Shehab on 25307334 or through email Shehab.H@gust.edu.kw


For general inquiries contact:

whatsapp 25307347

Instagram @gust_official