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Faculty Information

Date, Time, Location & Invitations

The graduation ceremony will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 16th, 2018. It will take approximately 2.5 hours in length. Faculty and guests should arrive at 6:00 p.m.


The second rehearsal, which is mandatory, will be held on Monday Oct. 15th, 2018 at 5:00pm in W6 hall.


Attire information

Academic regalia is required for all commencement participants. Modification of gowns in any way is forbidden. Faculty members may use their own gowns. In case of inquiries contact:


Marwa Abozaid                     Ext. 7260                     E-mail: abozaid.M@gust.edu.kw

Lamis Muammar                     Ext. 7415                     E-mail: muammar.l@gust.edu.kw      



Gate & Parking

Please use Gate 1 to enter the campus, and park in the West concourse faculty parking zone as shown in the illustration below.