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8th Computer Programming Contest Held at GUST

13 April 2021


Kuwait City, 13 April 2021: The Computer Science Department at GUST organized the 8th annual Programming Contest. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contest was conducted online on Microsoft Teams and was held for three hours, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and had nine students from the Computer Science Department compete. The main objective of the contest was to improve students’ programming skills in a challenging and entertaining environment.


For the competition, each contestant had to solve a set of 7 problems C++ or JAVA programming languages. Contestants' answers were submitted on a serve that included an online judge to evaluate and run the accuracy of the solution, while Microsoft Teams was used as a proctoring tool. Contestants were ranked based on the number of problems they managed to solve and the penalties they accumulated. The penalties reflected the time taken to solve a problem and the number of failed attempts. Contestants were also allowed to use reference materials such as books and manuals.


Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Fadi Dib, said “It is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in programming and problem solving. This contest is a great way to prepare students for real life situations where technology is needed to solve problems.”


The Programming Contest is a great opportunity to help prepare Computer Science students for future regional and international competitions. Past achievements in the KCPC tournament and the Techathon are due to the great practice and preparation the local GUST competitions brings for students.