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Abdulwahab Al-Essa, Hind Al-Nahedh & Ali Najim discuss Twitter at GUST

31 October 2011

Abdulwahab Al-Essa, Hind Al-Nahedh & Ali Najim discuss Twitter at GUST

Heavily involved in the social media scene, the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) Media Club, hosted a seminar with social personalities Ali Najim, Abdulwahab Al-Essa and Hind Al-Nahedh called “Do U Tweet?” discussing the ever-growing Twitter community and the influence it has on the population and society.

Mohammad Al-Ali, President of the GUST Media Club, opened the seminar with a brief welcome talking about the general upsurge of social media in our society. Ibraheem Al-Mutawa, the Club’s Vice President, gave a brief synopsis of the seminar discussion with a light-hearted story about his own parents joining the social media scene and that proved that social media has no age and affects us all. Given that this is the first official event for the club, General Secretary of the club Joanne Al-Abduljalil introduced the other members of the club including: Abdullah Al-Ali – External Affairs, Reem Tarakji – Internal Affairs, Yousef Al-Malek – Head of TV Department,  Hamad Al-Shayji – Treasurer and Ali Najim – Head of Radio Department.

Ali Najim, Marina FM radio presenter, GUST student and Head of the Media Club Radio Department was presenting the event and introduced Abdulwahab Al-Essa and Hind Al-Nahedh to the students. Najim started the conversation talking about the different ways to use Twitter and asked the students what they preferred and then directed the questions to Al-Nahedh and Al-Essa to talk about how they use Twitter, how many followers they have and how many tweets they’ve managed to tweet in the time they’ve been on Twitter.

In keeping with the topic, during the first part of seminar, all the questions were directed to the speakers via Twitter by mentioning the club @GustMediaClub !
Al-Essa mentioned that he thinks of Twitter as a service and because audiences are used to him as a source for news, that is mainly how he uses his Twitter account, while Hind includes more of her personal tweets on her account.
The conversation flowed and came to Al-Nahedh who touched on the etiquette of retweeting. “You don’t retweet everything. You need to make sure that the piece of information your retweeting has evidence, you check the source, you leave space for people to discuss and not use up all 140 characters available – because at the end, retweeting is about spreading knowledge or information and it will reflect on you personally,” she noted, “It [retweeting] is often driven by cause.” She elaborated on her point by mentioning the infamous dust storm that Kuwait not too long ago – where TV and newspapers couldn’t inform and warn people fast enough, “but Twitter did.”


Al-Essa mentioned that many rumors can spread through Twitter, which is where Al-Nahedh’s point to check the source and avoid retweeting carelessly comes in.
It is important to mention Najim’s point that Twitter has become a very popular source on information.
The session was very comfortable in the way the speakers spoke and interacted with the audience, which made it not only informative, but a great enjoyment for all attendees.