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About Us

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining, preserving and enhancing the University’s physical assets, committed to operational excellence. Core services include construction and renovations, building and grounds maintenance, utilities management and custodial services to ensure a safe, operational and appealing campus environment. 



Our mission is to support the University by enhancing the quality of physical facilities. We do this through planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and maintaining in a responsive, service-oriented, effective, and environmentally-conscious manner.


Core Principles

We are a service based organization, driven and measured by each and every customer interaction. Our actions and responses preserve the integrity of the university.

Our knowledge, dedication, and performance will always provide the best value in service to the university.

Stewardship & Sustainability:
We strive to manage our resources in a manner that benefits both current and future members of the university community.

Our ability to provide the best value and service to the university community is directly based on the quality and capabilities of the people at UFM. We will always invest in our people through improvements in methods, safety, and training. Our people are our most valued asset.