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The Computer Science Department Hosts Dr. Bedoor Alshebli

18 May 2021



Kuwait City, 18 May 2021: The Computer Science Department at GUST, organized its third Research Webinar for the 2020/21 academic year. They hosted Assistant Professor of Computational Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi, Dr. Bedoor Alshebli, who gave a talk on the preeminence of ethnic diversity in scientific collaboration. The talk was an hour long, taking place on Microsoft Teams.


Dr. Alshebli’s research focused on using data science techniques to study social phenomena and the socioeconomic benefits of diversity. The dynamics of social interaction and cohesion were framed using social science problems in the contexts of data science, big data, and applied machine learning. Alshebli’s research analyzed over 9 million papers and 6 million scientists to study the relationship between research impact and five classes of diversity: ethnicity, discipline, gender, affiliation, and academic age. Using randomized baseline models, Dr. Alshebli established the presence of homophily, which is the tendency of individuals to associate and bond with others similar to them, in ethnicity, gender, and affiliation. Her findings show that ethnic diversity resulted in an impact gain of 10.63% for papers, and 47.67% for scientists meaning ethnic diversity had the strongest correlation with scientific impact.


Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Fadi Dib, said “Research Webinars provide a great opportunity for GUSTs community in terms of exchanging and developing ideas, learning new strategies to approach research, and establishing collaboration with local and international researchers. We, the Computer Science Department, are grateful for Dr. Alshebli’s participation in our third Research Webinar as it proved insightful for students and faculty alike. Her research was interesting and provided a great example of how data science can be applied in real world settings and topics that have a more social sciences theme.”


The Research Webinar is a set of academic events hosted by the Computer Science Department with an emphasis on scientific research from local and regional scholars. These webinars share GUSTs mission in producing well rounded individuals by expanding their horizons with various informative academic events.