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CS Students Recognized for Outstanding Capstone Projects

18 June 2019

Senior Computer Science students were recognized by GUST President, Professor Walid Bouhamra and university management for their outstanding achievements on their capstone projects last semester. The students were highly praised by the President and faculty alike and awarded certificates and a cash prize of KD50 for each student as a token of encouragement.



The projects divided 27 students into eight different groups to work on varying projects. In addition to using posters and fliers, seniors conducted live tests of their apps to the audience, in order to fully explain the idea behind their creations, and how they could be used to benefit their communities. The projects were graded and included in the students’ final grades.


The recognized students were:

Project ApproUnity

Shirin Abdelqader

Zainab Al-Arbash

Naila Ghani

Project LeadAway

Fatimah Al-Alban

Merehan El-Araby

Raghad Al-Obaid

Project Photo Reader

Yousef Al-Naser

Haidar Haidar

Fadhel Sayed Ali



Project Motherhood

Hanaa Ejfeesh

Wahaj Muhalli

Sabeekah Buhaimed


Project Treasure Candle

Ahmed Abdullah

Abdulaziz al-Muhana

Saad Nawaid

Project Bon Voyage

Fatimah Al-Alban

Sharifa Al-Dabbous

Loulwah Al-Nassar

Taibah Al-Thnayn


Project Swipy

Hamad Al-Failakawi

Ebraheem Al-Muaili

Abdullah Al-Jassar

Sayed Hassan Al-Zalzalah

Ammar Al-Sarraf


Project Home Recipe

Shareefah Al-Ghanem

Zainab Nabi

Laila Haider

We are very proud of you and hope you use this as a stepping stone to greater accomplishments.