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Degree Requirements

* These requirements will be effective starting from Fall 2016-2017


To enter GUST Computer Science degree program, applicants are required to have obtained a high school diploma specializing in the secondary school science or math curriculum with a minimum GPA of 60 percent. Students in the final year of their secondary school program with average grades over 70 percent from the science or math “stream” will be given preference. All students applying to GUST must sit for the ACCUPLACER™ Online Mathematics Placement Exam

The following course work is required:


1) General Education

Student must complete 16 courses as follows:

a. Communicating Skills

Student must complete the following 3 courses:

ENGL 100 Academic English I

ENGL 110 English Composition I

ENGL 112 English Composition II

b. Managing Information

Student must complete 1 course:

CSC 123 Fundamentals of Web Design

c. Valuing

Student must complete 1 valuing course offering

d. Social Behavioral Sciences

Student must complete 2 social & behavioral sciences course offerings

e. Humanities & Fine Arts

Student must complete 2 courses as follows:

PHIL 245 Ethics and the Computer

Any Humanities and Fine Arts course offering

f. Arab Heritage & Cultural Diversity

Student must complete 1 Arab heritage course offering

g. Math

Student must complete 2 Math courses as follows:

MATH 131 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I

MATH 132 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II

h. Life/Natural Sciences

Student must complete 2 life/natural sciences course offerings and 2 lab offerings as follows:

Any 2 courses from PHYS 110, CHEM 110, BIOL 110 with their corresponding labs (i.e. PHYS 110L, CHEM 110L, BIOL 110L)

2) Major Core Requirements (Computer Science Courses)

Student must complete all the following courses:

          CSC 122 Introduction to Computer Programming

CSC 125 Object Oriented Programming I

CSC 130 Discrete Structures

CSC 225 Programming and Data Structures

CSC 226 Object Oriented Programming II

CSC 230 Digital Systems

CSC 270 Computer Systems: Architecture and Organization

CSC 313 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CSC 325 Concepts of Programming Languages

CSC 350 Software Engineering

CSC 361 Database Management System

CSC 451 Capstone Project

CSC 473 Computer Networks & Communications

CSC 476 Operating Systems

CSC 492 Practicum in Computer Science

3) Major Elective Requirements

          Student must complete 4 courses only from the following list:

CSC 235 Programming Challenges

CSC 271 Computer Systems: Programming

CSC 301 Web Programming Techniques

CSC 326 Object Oriented Design Patterns 

CSC 351 Software Requirements and Business Analysis 

CSC 380 Mobile Computing

CSC 404 Introduction to eCommerce

CSC 405 User Interface Development

CSC 410 Software Testing and Quality Assurance 

CSC 428 Program Translation Techniques

CSC 430 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CSC 444 Digital Image Processing

CSC 477 Principles of Network Security

CSC 489 Topics in Computer Science

4) Major Core Requirements (Math Courses)

Student must complete all the following Math courses:

MATH 210 Elementary Linear Algebra

MATH 221 Applied Statistics I

MATH 231 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III

MATH 232 Introduction to Differential Equations

MATH 331 Numerical Analysis I

5) Free Elective Requirements

Student must complete 3 courses from the free electives general courses offerings (See details in the major sheet)