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Delegation headed by Sun Yat-sen University visits GUST to strengthen ties

30 December 2019

Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) hosted a delegation of academics from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in China in Kuwait to discuss potential venues of collaboration.  The visit, spanning three days, covered a variety of topics including the expansion of the current agreement, the potential for language and cultural training, collaborative research projects, and student and faculty exchange programs.

Further topics were also discussed during their visit with different GUST departments, such as the upcoming Sino-Kuwait Forum, the development of a Winter mini-course, the expansion of a digital network with the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce. It included several external meetings to Kuwait University, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, and the Kuwait Studies and Research Center, and culminated in the signing of a new GUST-SYSU Agreement.

The delegation included Professor Chen Chunsheng, Secretary of SYSU Party Committee, Professor Changchenguan, Director of School of International Studies, Professor Ma Yanzhe Said, Director of Department of Arabic, Professor Zeng Ji, Director of Department of International Affairs, Professor Zhang Zhe, Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange Cooperation, and Professor Wang Bin, Professor at the School of International Studies. They were welcomed by their GUST counterparts, President Professor Walid Bouhamra, Vice BOT Chairman, Dr. Jasem Abdulsalam, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, Vice President for Professional Development and Community Services, Dr. Ahmad Al-Darbas, Dean of the College of Business Administration, Professor Antonis Simintiras, International Programs Coordinator, Nabae Asfar, as well as Cooperation Committee Members, Dr. Tareq Al-Rabei, Dr. Saleh Al-Nafisi, and Dr. Ayman Bakr.

GUST President, Professor Walid Bouhamra said, “The time spent with our colleagues from Sun Yat-sen University was extremely fruitful.  It was an excellent opportunity to review and build on the agreement that we currently have in place.  I have great faith in the strength and expertise that SYSU can provide GUST as we pivot from a purely teaching institution to one that places more emphasis on research.  What’s more, it is strategically important to have a robust and reliable partner in China, as Kuwait continues to reinforce its relations with China in a number of fields.”

Sun Yat-sen University was founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and boasts an educational tradition going back over 100 years.  Today it is a renowned research, academic, and cultural hub and has developed into a modern university that enjoys a reputation as a highly ranked university in China with a strong standing internationally. It currently has five campuses across the cities of Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen, along with ten affiliated hospitals.

Sun Yat-sen University Secretary, Professor Chen Chunsheng, said “Our partnership with GUST is one where we see a lot of potential.  I am extremely impressed with what GUST has been able to accomplish in just 17 years, and that is evidence of a strong team which is serious about making an impactful mark not only on higher education, but on the development and progress of the nation as a whole.”

GUST’s partnership with SYSU dates back to 2010, and is one of approximately 30 currently active partnerships with international institutions.  Other collaborations include George Washington University, Swansea University, University of California San Diego – Extension, University of Fribourg, and University of Missouri – St. Louis, which GUST is affiliated with.