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Dr. Bassam Alameddine Awarded KFAS National Priority Research Grant

15 January 2020

Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) announced today that Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry and Director of the Graduate Studies and Research Office, Dr. Bassam Alameddine, was awarded a KD100,250 National Priority Research Grant from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), for his research project whose budget exceeds KD 220,250. The grant is the largest to have been awarded to a GUST faculty member, which is a remarkable achievement.



Dr. Alameddine has established the Functional Materials Research Group (FM2GUST) in 2013 and act as its Principal Investigator since then. The main research area of FM2GUST is to design new versatile materials that trap gases which are harmful to the environment, such as carbon dioxide (CO2). They also make new products to stock gases that can be used as fuel, such as hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4). In addition, the group develops smart materials that can be used in electronics, such as, flexible displays. Such research will no doubt help stem the effects of global warming, as this could possibly neutralize existing CO2 emissions.


GUST has been actively increasing its focus and commitment to making the university not only an academic-institution, but a research hub locally and internationally. The university has supported all research-based projects and collaborations with international entities, and has even launched a new seed grant fund through its Graduate Studies & Research Office, which was awarded to 12 faculty members in December 2019.


For more information about the Functional Materials Research Group (FM2GUST) and its progress, visit: gsr.gust.edu.kw/fmg.