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Dr. Fatimah Al Hashem selected by Council of Ministers to join Team for Educational Strategies

23 December 2020

Dr. Fatimah Al Hashem, Assistant Professor in the English Department and Chairwoman of the Center for Teaching Learning and Research has been selected by the General Secretariat at the Council of Ministers to join the Team for Educational Strategies.  

Dr. Al Hashem, along with seven other specialists and consultants will call upon their expertise to shape pragmatic solutions for issues related to economic reform, demographic adjustment, social media regulation, and education strategy. 

The plan will require the appointed team to study and assess the current situation in all aspects with regards to current concerns in the aforementioned areas, then pitch solutions that adhere to international standards and shaped to fit Kuwaiti needs. 

The team will also look over the precautionary measures the Ministry of Education has been following to circumnavigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and after analyzing data and reports provided, they will work on providing practical solutions pertaining to the educational process, including matters such asinternational scholarship students and special needs students.