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Q: When and how will the employee receive his/her salary?

A: Salaries and allowances will be paid at the end of each month.  Generally, you will receive your first month salary by cheque.


Q: Will GUST reimburse the amount paid for authenticating the work permit?

A: Yes, GUST does reimburse for authenticating fees.


Q:  Will GUST reimburse the amount paid for the medical tests needed in the country of origin for obtaining the work permit?    

A:  Yes, GUST will reimburse the actual amount paid for medical tests needed for the visa.


Q:   How can an employee open a bank account?

A: Once the residency has been issued, you are required to fill out the application form for opening a bank account. The University will provide you with a letter which confirms that you are currently employed at GUST. The University then will deposit your salary into the account. If you have an existing bank account, you will need to give the account number to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Department will in turn inform the Accounting Department.


Q:   Where is the employee parking?

A: GUST employees will have access to two parking areas, one near the North exit and the other near the West exit.


Q:   When is the employee entitled to a leave?

A: After the completion of 6 months at GUST, you will be entitled to an accrued leave balance, which should be verified with the Human Resources Department.


Q:   Are there any training programs?

A: At GUST, we strive to constantly develop our employees and so classroom and E-Learning trainings are available to all.  You are also able to undertake external training courses or attend seminars, as long as the manager’s approval is available.


Q:  What are the public holidays by the University? 

A:  The University does not function on the following day which is aligned with the Kuwait government declared public holidays.

New Year (January 1st)

New Hijri Year*

Kuwait National Day (February 25).

Kuwait Liberation Day (February 26).

Al-Fitr Eid - After the Holy Month of Ramadan (between 3 to 5 days)*

Al-Adha Eid – After Haj Season (between 3 to 5 days including Arafat Day)*

Day of Al-Esra Wa Al-Meraj (Ascension of the Prophet)* 

The Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.)*.

Christmas Day (December 25).

* The dates of these holidays vary from year to year and depend on the lunar calendar