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First Competition for Non-Computer Science Students

6 June 2021



Kuwait City, 06 June 2021: The Computer Science Department at GUST hosted the very first problem solving competition for students that are not Computer Science majors. The theme of the competition was innovative and timely Web-/Application-based solutions that address the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on our daily life and routine. A total of two teams participated in the competition. In first place, “KLEM” which was an individual effort by student Shaikha AlMoushirge, and in second place “The Loops” which included students Maryem AlBader, Shaikha AlHasawi, and Amer Daher.


The competition registration opened in early May with the deadline to register and submit a report by May 20 which were scored by the Judging Committee, who consisted of Computer Science Professors, Dr. Israa Hussein, Dr. Hana Al Ostad, and Dr. Noura Al-Jeri. The judging committee then chose the finalists who had to present their projects on May 26, with the winners announced the same day.


Head of the Computer Science Department, Associate Professor Dr. Mahmoud Elish, said “Competitions like these are vital to the current state of academia in helping students process and understand how technology may be employed in the context of the global pandemic. Highlighting the consequent shift in the daily life routine in our society today. Congratulations to the students who participated and to the two finalists who showed great ingenuity in their projects.”


This competition marked the first of its kind catered to non-Computer Science students, but is part of a long list of competitions under the Computer Science Department which promotes these in house events to help students push their limit and obtain greater heights of excellence. Other notable competitions include Programming Competition for Computer Science students, the KCPC, and the Techathon.