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General Education Course Description


BIOL 103 Environmental Biology (3-0-3)

Prerequisite: ENGL 098/100/110/112 & Non CS Major

Examines the organization of natural ecosystem as it relates to the human community. Basic ecological principles are applied to current environmental issues. Among the topics to be examined are past and present uses and abuses of natural resources; environmental ethics and public policy; global environmental problems; human population growth; pollution; waste disposal; habitat loss; species extinction; and strategies for attaining a sustainable earth; 


BIOL 105 Human Biology (3-0-3)

Prerequisite: ENGL 098/100/110/112 & Non CS Major

This is an introduction to scientific methods and experimentation studies of life from basic atoms to cellular levels of organization. Emphasis on human biology and its different organs in general educational lecture is followed. This course is designed for non-science major students. 


BIOL 110 Biology I (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: CS student & passed ENGL Foundation & BIOL 110L (pre or co-requisite) 

This course is survey of selected basic concepts of biological sciences. Topics covered include the scientific method; cell structure and function; biochemistry, fundamentals of genetics and molecular biology; biotechnology, and current issues in biology. This course is designed for science majors and minors and prepares students for upper level biology courses. 


BIOL 110L Biology-I Laboratory 1.00 

Prerequisite: BIOL 110 coreq 

This course provides clear background information and directions for conducting laboratory activities. Students not only learn basic biological information but also gain experience practicing laboratory techniques. It includes basic techniques for handling the organism, experimental design, data collection, interpretation, and scientific writing. Example physiological processes in major organ systems are studied at the chemical, cellular and organ level. This course is designed for science majors and minors and prepares the students for upper level biology laboratory courses. 


CHEM 103 Environmental Chemistry (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: ENGL  098/100/110/112 & Non CS Major

Introduces chemistry conceptually; focusing on its eminent role in our everyday life, majorly in the environment. Highlights the chemical principles with little emphasis on calculations for non-science major students. Provides essential topics; Molecular Reasons. The chemist's toolbox, Atoms and Elements, Molecules, Compounds, and Chemical Reactions, Energy for Today and Tomorrow, The Air Around Us, The Liquids & Solids Around Us; Especially Water, Acids and Bases. 


CHEM 105 Basic Chemistry Principles (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: ENGL 098/100/110/112 & Non CS Major

This course introduces the most elementary principles of chemistry for non-science major students. Describes the central role chemistry plays in our daily life by showing some interesting applications. This course will identify essential concepts first by indicating the importance of chemistry in our lives, explaining atoms, expressing the atomic structures, classifying the chemical bonds, and chemical calculations, emphasizing the properties of gases, liquids, and solids, in addition to summarizing the concepts of acids, bases and reviewing organic chemistry. 


CHEM 110 General Chemistry I (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: CS student & passed ENGL Foundation & (CHEM 110L pre or co) 

Discover atomic structure and stoichiometry, the reactions in aqueous solutions, thermochemistry and quantum theory, the electrons configuration, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, intermolecular forces, gases, and physical properties of solutions. 


CHEM 110L General Chemistry I Laboratory 1.00 

Prerequisite: CHEM 110 coreq 

The Basic Chemistry Principles Laboratory course will focus on introducing qualitative and quantitative analyses and will enhance the student's technical skills. 


ENVR 103 Weather and Climate (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: ENGL 098 / 100/ 110/ 112

Serves as a general environmental science course for the non-science major. Topics include: atmospheric composition, solar radiation, temperature, moisture and condensation relationship between air pressure and wind, weather patterns, severe weather, optical phenomena in the atmosphere, and the behavior and possible changes of climate, Air Pollution, Climate Changes, Greenhouse Warning.


MATH 100 Contemporary Mathematics (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: (MATH 09# / GMPT score) & ENGL / MCM major only

This course presents methods of problem solving, centering on problems and questions which arise naturally in everyday life. Includes topics from algebra and geometry, the mathematics of finance, probability and statistics, exponential growth, and other topics chosen from traditional and contemporary mathematics which do not employ calculus.


MATH 111 College Algebra (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: (MATH 096 / GMPT Score) & non CS Major

Course topics will include linear and quadratic equation and inequalities, radical equations, graphs of equations in two variables, functions and their graphs – linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, exponential and logarithmic equations, systems of linear equations, arithmetic and geometric sequences.


MATH 121 Basic Probability & Statistics (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: (MATH 096 | 098 | 100) & non CS Major

This course is an introduction to probability and statistics. Topics include the concept of probability and its properties, descriptive statistics, discrete and continuous random variables, expected value, distribution functions, the central limit theorem, random sampling and sampling distributions.


MATH 122 Probability & Stats for SS (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: (MATH 096/ GMPT score) & MCOM Major

Intended for students who are in the area of social sciences which includes mass communication. It cannot be used for general mathematics credit. Includes probability & statistics, measurement scales, the concepts of probability and its properties, descriptive statistics including frequency distributions and correlation, the normal distribution, data displays and interpretation, T test and Chi square test and analysis of variance.


MATH 130 Basic Calculus (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: (Math 111) & non CS Major

This is a course in the calculus of one variable intended for students who pursue a degree in business and economics, but not in computer science. It is open to others who are qualified and desire more mathematics course at the core level. Topics include a brief review of polynomials, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions, followed by discussion of limits, derivatives, applications of differential calculus to real-world problem in business and economics. An introduction to integration concludes the course.


MATH 131 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: MATH098 | GMPT Score

Provides an introduction to differential and integral calculus. Includes limits, derivatives and applications of derivatives such as related rates, Newton's method, the Mean-value Theorem, Max-Min problems, and curve sketching. Covers integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus, and applications of integrals, volumes, and average values.


MATH 132 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: MATH 131

Topics include conic sections, rotation of axes, polar coordinates, exponential and logarithmic functions, inverse (trigonometric) functions, integration techniques, applications of the integral (including mass, moments, arc length, and hydrostatic pressure), parametric equations, infinite series, power and Taylor series.


PHED 101 Introduction to Physical Education        

Prerequisite: ENGL 098 / 100/ 110/ 112

This course is designed to provide an overview of physical activity and lifetime personal fitness.  The course introduces different components of fitness, different types of aerobic/anaerobic exercises, flexibility and body composition, muscular strength and endurance and management of personal fitness and nutrition. The course covers a variety of lifetime activities that promote health and well-being.


PHYS 100 How Things Work (3-0-3)

Prerequisite: ENGL  098/100/110/112 & Non CS Major

This is an introductory course for students in non-science majors presenting physical principles and laws through examples from everyday life experiences. Topics covered include inertia, speed and velocity, acceleration, Newton’s laws, projectile motion, rotational motion, work and energy, friction, conservation laws, equilibrium, Hooke’s law, fluids and their motion, heat and thermodynamics, mechanical waves and resonance.


PHYS 101 Ideas in Modern Physics (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: PHYS 100

Introduces concepts of modern physics such as relativity, quantum mechanics in addition to atomic and nuclear physics. Builds up awareness about the energy future of our planet.


PHYS 110 Basic Physics I (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: MATH 098/113 (CS students from 1201 must enroll in corresponding Lab PHYS 110L)

Introduces basic concepts and laws of mechanics and fluids with emphasis on enhancing the problem-solving skills of the students. Topics covered include kinematics in one and two dimensions, Newton’s laws, rotational motion, simple harmonic motion, and introduction to fluid mechanics.


PHYS 110L Basic Physics Lab 1.00

Prerequisite: PHYS 110 coreq

Provides students with laboratory experience to enhance theoretical knowledge gained from PHYS 110 lectures. Investigates measurements involving speed, acceleration, forces, momentum, energy, and more. Provides experience in analyzing measured data and estimating of uncertainties.