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GUST’s Gulf Financial Center Organizes Live Stock Market Simulation

3 October 2018

The Gulf Financial Center (GFC) at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) organized a workshop on campus, in collaboration with, Al-Tijari Financial Brokerage Company. The workshop, entitled “Live Stock Market Simulation”, was created specifically for GUST finance students to experience hands-on trade training on how the Kuwait financial market operates on a daily basis.



GFC Director, Dr. Fida Karam, said: “We aim to provide our students with the best tools to experience a live stock market simulation in order to ensure their exposure to real trading habits within the Boursa Kuwait stock market.”


Utilizing the latest technology and interactive methodology available at the GFC, 17 students were able to learn the intricacies of virtual trading, trading floor vocabulary, how markets work, how to trade instruments, as well as the appropriate way to react to market movements. Mohammad Al- Rudaini, Deputy CEO, and Abdullah Al-Salman, IT Senior Officer, from Al-Tijari Financial Brokerage Company, led the training, and introduced students to the latest stock market trading systems that can help improve their skills and knowledge in trading.


Al-Tijari Financial Brokerage Company CEO, Mishal Alqinai, said “We built the workshop to start with an overview of the history of the Kuwait Stock Exchange since its inception until today, then explained the concerned authorities and regulatory bodies and the role of each of them. From there, we were able to shed light on all kinds of electronic trading systems. It was an honor to lead this workshop in such an experimental environment in to adequately demonstrate how the stock trading process works in Kuwait.”


Al-Tijari, is a financial firm that facilitates the buying and selling of financial securities. Through this collaboration, students were given the opportunity to establish lasting connections, and learn more about mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities in the field.



GFC at GUST is one of the most advanced academic applied financial centers in the Middle East. It is the center’s goal to empower the upcoming generation and enhance their command and fluency in the field of finance. It is through this type of initiative that GUST continues to build on its mission to become a knowledge-hub that benefits and engages students, academics, and the wider Kuwait community.