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GUST and Algonquin College Reaffirm Partnership

23 July 2019

Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) and Kuwait’s Canadian College – Algonquin College – Kuwait (AC-Kuwait) – have renewed their agreement and created clear pathways for AC-Kuwait graduates to enter and complete degree at GUST.


GUST originally signed a general articulation agreement with AC-Kuwait in 2016, and the addendum signed in July this provides clear pathways for students in Accounting, Business and Computer Science to begin their studies at AC-Kuwait, complete a diploma, and then transfer credits towards a degree program at GUST.




Dr. Dave McHardy, AC-Kuwait President, said, “We are extremely grateful to President Bouhamra and his colleagues at GUST for the time and effort they put into reviewing our programs and providing our students with pathways towards degrees.


As educators, we are here to provide students with opportunities to learn, become contributing citizens, and achieve the credentials they need to pursue fulfilling careers. In order to do this, we need to provide students with flexible options and multiple pathways to success. And this agreement with GUST allows us to do this.”


Professor Walid Bouhamra, GUST President, said, “For some students this will represent a change for students to improve their chances in their future professional lives. By beginning their academic pathway at AC-K and completing a diploma, they would have have proven their ability to study at a higher education level and have gained valuable knowledge and skills that they can now bring to their studies at GUST. Everyone wins in this scenario - the students, Algonquin, GUST and the country as a whole because this helps us have a better-educated population and workforce.”


This agreement is an excellent example of how institutions can be both competitive and collaborative. It demonstrates the potential for the private colleges and universities in Kuwait to work as a system for the betterment of students, the local economy and workforce. By combining competitiveness with collaboration, standards remain high, flexibility increases, and the focus remains squarely on the students in Kuwait. 


For more information about the degree completion pathway, contact the Registrar’s Office at either institution.