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GUST Celebrates Kuwait’s 60th and 30th Anniversaries

24 February 2021

Kuwait City, 24  February 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology celebrated the 60th anniversary of Kuwait’s independence and 30 years since its liberation, with a music video titled “There’s No Place like Kuwait.” The song highlights one’s love for Kuwait and symbolizes it as a place of comfort even during hard times such as the 2020 global pandemic.


The song, produced by Joy Production Company and performed by Kuwaiti singer Khalid Al-Randi and written by Kuwaiti singer/songwriter Bashar Al-Shatti, delivers a message of pride for all Kuwaiti citizens and residents alike. It also goes over the changes people have had to make during their daily lives as a result of the pandemic while offering words of encouragement and resilience to the hope for a soon-to-be brighter future. 


The song is available on Gust's official social media platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. The launch of the song on these platforms allows for them to be accessed by virtually anyone.


Senior Manager of Community Engagement & Communications, Anwar Al-Sabah, said “GUST strives annually to organize various events and activities related to the national holidays. This year we felt it necessary to carry on the tradition by bringing the celebration to everyone in the country. We hope this song brings hope and joy to everyone who listens to it from home and that next year we will celebrate on campus with our students. We want to thank Joy Production Company, Bashar Al-Shatti, Khaled Al-Randi, and everyone for their tremendous efforts in helping make this project a success.”


GUST decorated its buildings with the Kuwaiti flag and colored lights embodying the National holiday theme.