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GUST Establishes First Ever Translation Internship Program

29 June 2021


Kuwait City, 29 June 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology launched the Translation Internship Program, which is the first program in Kuwait that provides translation students with a chance to boost their professional careers in the field of translation. The internship program is organized by the English department’s Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dr. Asmaa Alduhaim, and was in a collaboration with Kuwait State Television - Channel 2 (KTV2) and Ahli United Bank (AUB). The program was held over a two-month period at both institutions starting in April and ending in June.



Five students enrolled in the program this year, including Mariam Safar and Hessa Al-Toum who were placed as translators at KTV2. Their training included translating Kuwaiti songs, Kuwaiti TV shows, and world news. They also developed their skills in creating subtitles as well as learning the difference between audiovisual translation and other types of translation. Students Nabaa Alhaddad, Mohammed Al-baba, and Shahad Alzaid were placed as translators at Ahli United Bank in Kuwait where they attended several training sessions that instructed them on how to translate technically demanding texts related to banking procedures, documents and letters.


Post-doctoral Researcher at the English Department, Dr. Asmaa Alduhaim, said “This program is a practical introduction to the field of Translation Studies, and an amazing insight into a translators’ career. The internship program is an excellent opportunity to develop your translation skills, congratulations on the five students who completed the internship, a job well done.”


The Translation Internship Program introduces the students to the real-world experience and further gained a better understanding of their potential career and its challenges. The internship further provided students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a work setting.