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GUST Faculty and Alumni Publish Paper in an International Journal

12 September 2021




Kuwait City, 12 September 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology's (GUST) Alumna Yasmeen Al-Askari and Assistant Professor of English Literature at GUST, Dr. Shahd Al-Shammari, co-authored a paper titled Exile and the Disabled Body in Randa Jarrar's "The Life, Loves, and Adventures of Zelwa the Halfie", which has been published in the International Academic Forum: Journal for Arts and Humanities (IAFOR). IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities is an internationally reviewed and editorially independent interdisciplinary journal associated with IAFOR's international conferences on the arts and humanities.


The paper dissected the themes of exile, diaspora, disability, identity, and language using Edward Said's work as a platform for their argument and research. Dr. Al-Shammari and Ms. Al-Askari used Said's suggestion of a mind/body split, giving room to consider the sense of self as already in-between, as the exiled 'I' attempts to find a home within a new land and a new body. The authors conclude with how Arabic literature considers notions of exile and disability in various ways and how contemporary Anglophone literature deals with concepts of diaspora and exile, similar to trends in Disability Studies as a field.


Assistant Professor of English Literature, Dr. Shahd Al-Shammari said, "Co-authoring a paper with a GUST alumna has been a great learning experience for me and has offered a great experience in the academic field for Yasmine Al-Askari, one of our top literature graduates from the English Department. I am happy to co-author this paper with her and hope she continues her graduate studies. Furthermore, at GUST, we will continue to show our constant support and celebrate her future achievements as a product of this prestigious institution."


Yasmeen Al-Askari has graduated from GUST's English Department and is now working as a full-time teacher. She wishes to earn her Master's degree in English Literature, publishing papers to strengthen her application. Dr. Shahd Al-Shammari is an Assistant Professor in the English Department and has been vital in helping students develop their skills by organizing key events such as "Poetry in the Time of COVID." She has published several peer reviewed articles and has also written two chapters for two separate books that have been published and has also appeared at several conferences such as TESOL and Film and Visual Media in the Gulf. Dr. Al-Shammari’s upcoming memoir is set to appear in 2021, titled Head Above Water in which she highlights the role of education and mentors.