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GUST Holds Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Seminar with Field Experts

29 January 2020

GUST's Accounting and MIS Department held an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) seminar on its campus this week with expert Alexander Leach, Senior Education Manager at ACCA Middle East. The main aim of the seminar was to introduce students to potential career opportunities in the field and what developments to look forward to in 2020s.




Like many professions, the accounting industry is changing at a rapid pace, where global trends are reshaping its existence. The seminar highlighted ACCA’s Future of Careers Report which considers the trends impacting professional accounting careers and their future, as well as helps identify potential broader areas of career opportunities.



Mr. Leach covered various areas of the subject matter and was able to help students, staff and faculty members better understand the drivers of change impactingaccounting careers, locate emerging areas of career opportunity, and how they can navigate their careers in an evolving landscape.




The university is continuously collaborating with field experts in the community and the profession to exchange knowledge and experience with our students. This is to be able to provide a well-rounded educational experience that brings together theoretical knowledge and practical application.