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GUST Holds First Ever Student Research Symposium

11 April 2017

GUST today announced its first ever Student Research Symposium, entitled: Themes, Challenges and Perspectives in the Humanities and Social Sciences, on its campus. The symposium served as a showcase for undergraduates to present research they conducted in the field of humanities and social sciences, which also provided students with the opportunity to experience a professional academic conference. 


Twenty-three students from different majors presented their research at the symposium from the disciplines of Philosophy, Sociology, Spanish Culture, Arabic, and Political Science. Projects included Gender Inequality: Roots, Prevalence, and a Time for Change, The art and Politics of Memory, A critical understanding of Kuwait’s Antagonism towards Certain Terms, and the Culture of Cheating. The students who presented were: Alia Attia, Abdulmohsen Alfulaij, Aisha Sabti, Bader Erzouqi, Mohammad Alhathran , Abdullah Al Otaibi, Ibrahim Al Shatti, Asmaa Alkhais, Arwa Albalousi, Fatimah Alakhwanal, Sarah Al Obaid, Assil Homayed, Hussain Dashti, Maryam AlQallaf, Ruqia Alabduljader, Heda Beidas, Rania Al Qatami, Jumana Alqallaf, Fahad Alayoub, Anfal Saqer, and Safa Rashid. Some students even participated in a panel discussion on parenting in Kuwait and the issue of racism.



Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Professor Ali Ansari, said “Our students worked extremely hard on this event. It was a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their efforts, and for us to celebrate and reward them for their dedication to research.  It is an opportunity to foster meaningful dialogue in a multi-disciplinary environment and to promote the sharing of knowledge and building rapport. This was an exciting first event, and one which the College would like to repeat annually.”



The Humanities and Social Sciences Department aims to organize this symposium annually to promote undergraduate high quality research, increase scholarship opportunities, and foster a culture in which students are encouraged to do research in the fields they are passionate about. GUST is a major knowledge hub that continuously provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and ensure their smooth transition into their careers after graduation.


For all event photos, please visit the GT Gallery: gt.gust.edu.kw/gallery.