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GUST Hosts “Imagine The Future” Closing Sessions by Shell

16 January 2023



Gulf University for Science and Technology hosted the closing session for Shell’s “Imagine the Future” Scenarios Competition, which highlighted Kuwait’s Energy Goals to Net Zero Emission by 2050. The session was delivered by Managing Director for Planning and Finance at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Bader Al Atar, Country Chair of Shell Kuwait, Anwar Al Mutlaq, and moderated by Meteorologist Essa Ramadan.


The speakers stressed on the importance of this topic and discussed many aspects that need addressing to reach the target plan. 

The event was attended by GUST’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, Acting President and

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Bassam Alameddine, faculty members, and students.


In his opening speech, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah focused on the importance of GUST’s collaboration with Shell, especially on the fact that we are facing global transformation across all industries, which forces us to re-evaluate national and regional priorities. Arhamah pointed out that the sessions and topics that have been covered over the past three months have been highly informative and brought new global perspectives to our students and faculty.


The Chairman added that the University is keen to start driving these conversations through developing rigorous programs via a diverse partnership ecosystem, which in-turn challenges our students to become the “Problem Solvers” of the future.  


Mr. Nawaf said “We as GUST, do not take this role lightly, we are launching our own integrated innovation and sustainability framework. Moreover, we are building a healthy partnership ecosystem with local and global industry players and institutions”. He added that “Our students will come out of our programs as innovators who can think out of the box, draw scenarios and build robust frameworks in different industries”.