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GUST Hosts BELC Training Courses For The Second Time In Collaboration With The French Embassy

6 February 2023


Gulf University for Science and Technology has announced its new extended partnership with the French Institute and the French Embassy in Kuwait to host the (BELC) training for the second time.

The BELC are the most prestigious internationally recognized training courses for French language teaching professionals, offers educators an intensive training in the most up to date professional techniques and allows them to discover new practices to support dynamic career development. The course was organized by France Education International and is certified by the French Ministry of Education.


The training which was held during 5th and 9th February 2023 at GUST campus, included workshops divided into 9 modules and provided by 3 experts from France Education International, one trainer from the Institute of Francis Paris, and 3 regional experts lecturers. Number of trainees in this course reached to 82 attendees from 13 different nationalities and coming from 6 countries included: Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. 

In this occasion, GUST’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, said “As a University, it is our responsibility to identify the opportunities that come with education for societal advancement. At Gulf University for Science and Technology, we believe that education extends beyond academic certification, hence the partnerships that we seek with organizations across all sectors, to further develop societies through our shared knowledge and experiences”. 


Arhamah adding that GUST is proud to be partnering with the French Institute and the French Embassy, to host the BELC training for the second time. He said “In the span of 11 years, BELC has been working internationally to drive dynamic career development among educators, which in turn impacts the students that cross their paths”. 

Arhamah pointed out that in 2015, the Middle East BELC was organized in Kuwait for the first time, and it was hosted at GUST. Adding that “Today, we are proud to host this prestigious initiative again and are looking forward to further this partnership and continue building towards enduring societal impact”.