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6 May 2021



Kuwait City, 6 May 2021: The Computer Science Department at GUST hosted the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research’s (KISR) webinar titled “Technical Support for People with Disabilities”. Guest Speaker, Software Development Department Manager, Eng. Noura Alghurair, spoke about KISR’s achievements in projects that benefited people with disabilities but also of KISR’s long term goals with such projects.


The virtual webinar series, presented by the Computer Science Department at GUST, is a set of talks and seminars targeted at students and faculty members, in which representatives from local institutions and companies are invited to give a seminar talk about their research groups and business projects in the area of information, science, and technology. Recently the Computer Science Department held a webinar with Mr. Bashar Alostad of Zyda, an E-commerce platform. These webinars are the pillars of GUSTs culture of education beyond the classroom.


Alghurair's talk shed light on KISR's main achievements that are tailored to people with disabilities and the projects' teams that worked hard to develop several solutions to overcome the challenges that hinder the disabled. Among the projects included the 122 emergency mobile application for the disabled in collaboration with Ministry of Interior and the Arabic augmented and alternative communication application for iPads. KISR also developed and provided a braille printing facility for Kuwait Association for the Blind (KAB) and computer facilities for Kuwait special school as well as improving rehabilitation skills and working environment for the disabled in Kuwait. They also produce and provide braille daily newspapers for the KAB and are providing braille printing software for free to GCC countries, Libya, Lebanon and Morocco.


Eng. Noura Alghurair, Systems and Software Development Department Manager at KISR has 27 years of experience in the field. She is a Project Leader to many projects for the disabled in Kuwait, some of which received national and international awards. She is an active researcher in collaboration with government sectors and academic institutions.


Instructor of Computer Science, Dr. Noura Al-Jeri, said “This seminar was an excellent opportunity to expose the students and faculty members to the current scientific research trends in various fields of science and technology. In particular, the support that can be given by Computer Science graduates to Kuwait's handicaps community. This will also help our students to broad their knowledge on the recent projects and research achievements within KISR's teams and what potential career market is available for them after graduation. Hopefully this will open more opportunities for research collaborations between our faculty and the institution.”


KISR is one of the leading institutions in Kuwait that attracts researchers and scientists from various fields to a collaborative environment in order to produce timely and efficient solutions to current and future problems. KISR has been providing technical support for people with disabilities since 1985, which include several pioneering projects targeting different kind of disabilities such as: blindness, deafness, autism, motor ability, and learning disabilities.