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GUST Hosts Mental Health Lecture Series on Dealing with ADHD Obstacles

2 November 2019

GUST, in collaboration with AFAQ Educational Co., and under the sponsorship of the Public Authority of the Disabled, hosted a lecture on campus last week, focusing on solving the different obstacles that come with ADHD. The lecture was led by Dr. Suad Al-Thuwaikh, CEO of That Center for Social and Education Consultations, and was mainly geared towards parents and educators with children dealing from learning mental or learning disabilities. The lecture was attended by university management, as well as management representation from AFAQ Educational Co., Public Authority of the Disabled, Ministry of Education, educators and parents. 




With her extensive experience in the field, Dr. Al-Thuwaikh was able to take the audience through all the details related to ADHD, covering a range of topics related to the illness, from the different symptoms to look out for, to different strategies to use at home and in the classroom to develop learning abilities and get the most out of their educational journey. Al-Thuwaikh designs all her programs according to specific proven methodologies.

This is the first lecture that is being hosted, and will be part of a six-lecture series on mental health, that is due to take place within the upcoming year. The goal of the lecture series is to not only raise awareness on mental health issues, but to provide a service that will make a positive different in the lives of the participants and their families, as well as increase the efficiency of educators, and achieve the productivity levels we all strive for in the community.




The collaboration on this series comes in an effort from the university to develop and strengthen its impact within the local community and put an effort for its development, especially in the educational sphere.