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GUST Hosts Starbucks Founder Zev Siegel

3 April 2019

In a collaboration between the GUST Office of Student Life, the student-run Technology Club, and COFE App, the university welcomed Starbucks Founder, Zev Siegel on campus. The visit consisted of a seminar entitled: ‘What it takes to be an Entrepreneur’.


Siegel spoke to a full room of students, staff, and faculty, including BOT member, Nawaf Irhama, GUST President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, HR Director, Nawaf Al-Khalaf, and Dean of the College of Business Administration, Professor Antonis Siminitiras.




Siegel was one of the three original Starbucks Founders, he spoke to the audience about their experience in starting the company, from opening their first store, to how they started to branch out. The purpose of the seminar was not only to shed light on the journey and difficulties in building and sustaining a company, but also to highlight some key points and insights on how to become successful entrepreneur. 


This information in this day and age is vital, as our youth is growing and Kuwait’s economy and society is leaning on diversity and encouraging entrepreneurship.  


After the seminar, Siegel answered questions from the audience, socialized with some of the audience and was later taken on a tour of the campus led by the Director of the Global Studies Center, Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, and Head of the Office of Student Life, Anwar Al-Sabah. He was thoroughly impressed with the campus and its various facilities.