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GUST Opens its Doors to High School Students

1 August 2021

Gulf University for Science and Technology offered High School students in Kuwait the chance to learn computer programming and web-design for free under the tutelage of instructors from the University in order to introduce them to skills that are increasingly in demand worldwide across all sectors.


Each of the courses, aptly named “Programming for Future Innovators” and “Web-Design for Future Innovators”, were ultimately matriculated to 60 students over the course of two weeks, and were designed and delivered in coordination between The Computer Science and Management Information Systems Department and the University’s very own Center for Teaching, Learning & Research (CTLR).


Both programs were fully-funded by the University, and were delivered by its own highly-qualified Teaching Assistants from the Computer Science and Management Information Systems Department. This is significant as GUST’s Computer Science Program has been accredited by the world-renown Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which enhances the university’s standing and its academic programs locally and internationally.  What’s more, this reflects the high standards and academic discipline that students can expect to receive.

Dr Israa Hussain, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, said "It was a great opportunity to offer this series of workshops as a way to introduce high school students to both Computer Science and Management Information Systems majors.  This was a golden opportunity for us to demonstrate how technology and modern life are so interconnected, and that these are skills that are indispensable to their futures.  It was also interesting to talk to them and understand their thoughts and ideas regarding their future plans, and to find ways to align them with what the university can offer."


These courses fit into GUST’s goal of becoming a knowledge-hub, with its doors open to all sectors of society to allow them benefit from the collective academic prowess featured at the university, and the core value of openness which has been cultivated.


Dr. Fatimah Al Hashem, Director of GUST’s Center for Teaching, Learning & Research said "The workshops were offered to high school students as part of our efforts to support education to spread awareness of the importance of coding and programming to the upcoming generation, and to improve their computational thinking skills, which then engender creativity and critical thinking. The received feedback from students was very positive, as the workshops gave them an overview on some aspects of how to apply what would be learned with a Computer Science or Management Information Systems major in practical life. As a leading educational institute, we look forward to conducting similar workshops for high school students to help the community benefit from what we offer.”


Students of GUTS’s Computer Science Program regularly participate in local and international programming competitions and have won many first place positions, including first, second and third places in the collective programming competition in Kuwait, this is in addition to the challenge of international space applications, NASA and CODED Hackathon. In general, these competitions focus on solving real life problems through developing modern software in an atmosphere that simulates actual competitive reality.