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GUST opens up with Layan and iGive

10 April 2012

GUST student-run club iGive, collaborated with Layan, a media volunteer team from around the Gulf, who are specialized in covering the tragedy of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Both groups are working together to raise awareness and collect donations in attempts to provide aid for the Syrian refugees and so they got together to tell their stories of what they saw, what they did and how it is important to reach out.

The main purpose is to educate individuals about the conditions in Syria, spread awareness about what is happening and encourage people to participate in whatever means they can whether it be engaging in the act of volunteering, helping spread awareness or even donating.

First, iGive share the story of Lulu Al-Shaheen, GUST Student and iGive Member who was nominated to join the Layan team on their trip to Lebanon. A small video was shared, where Lulu talks about what she saw, the hospitals and homes they visited and what she felt when she was there: “It became very clear to me that the people there needed more moral support than they did material support.”

Other members of the trip were there to share their stories, including Abdulkareem Al-Shatti, Fahad Al-Rahmani, Talal Al-Mattar and Wasan Al-Budaiyeh. All normal Kuwaiti citizens, living ordinary lives here in Kuwait, but all who were determined to go lending a helping hand and ended up being helped themselves, as they said. The team took turns speaking about their journey, the families they met, their need for someone to hear them out. They all mentioned how they were there to help, but from the hope they felt from the people there, it gave them hope in themselves.

The team members shared stories of the strength and hope of the refugees and urged the audience to help in any way they can, and that doesn’t necessarily mean money or to go there, but even a word – spreading awareness – is of utmost importance.

iGive is a GUST voluntary youth club that hosts and organizes activities in and out of university. It addresses topics that touch the students’ lives in order to increase their efficiency, productivity, and responsibility towards their community. It also aims to promote the principle of diversity and social responsibility.