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GUST Renews Articulation Agreement with K-Tech

10 January 2022



Kuwait City, 10 January 2022: Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) renewed its Articulation Agreement with Kuwait Technical College (K-Tech) which aims to facilitate the equivalency process from K-Tech to GUST while enhancing the credit transfer process in order to allow students to continue their bachelor degree studies. The agreement also allows for further knowledge exchange between the two institutions and is valid for five years, running up until 2026.



A delegation from GUST visited K-Tech in order to complete the renewal of the articulation agreement, which included Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, the Acting President of Gulf University and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Dr. Bassam Alameddine, and University Registrar, Mr. Muhammad Al-Mudhaf. They were greeted and welcomed by K-Tech delegation which included Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kuwait Technical College, Mr. Mashari Ayman Boodai, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Registration, Ms. Noura Ayman Boodai, the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader Al-Ajeel and Ms. Eman Al-Shatti, Head of the Student Professional Services Department.


Acting President and Vice President for Academic Affairs at GUST, Professor Bassam Alameddine, said “We are happy at the renewal of this agreement between the two parties, which provides the opportunity for students from K-Tech to complete their studies for a bachelor's degree at GUST, adding a diversified educational experience to their achievement. This will contribute to opening more job opportunities for them after their graduation and their transition to the labor market.”


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kuwait Technical College, Mr. Mashari Ayman Boodai, said “the agreement comes within the framework of the two parties’ endeavors to activate exchange and communication between them, which will positively reflect on both sides, enrich their experiences, and value the ties that unite them.”


GUST also has an agreement with the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL), where it provides several opportunities for its students. This includes a “2+2 program” where students can finish their undergraduate degree at UMSL, or a summer scholarship program which was specifically established and funded to reward outstanding GUST students with opportunities for personal and academic growth and allowing them for a summer abroad at UMSL. These agreements show a general appreciation for GUST’s presence in Kuwait and in the region as a top tier academic institute furthering implementing its goal of continuous excellence.