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GUST Student Assists on Research Project at Oxford University in the UK

6 August 2019

GUST Computer Science student, Fatme Adel Ghaddar, has been selected as the first student the university funds for a research exchange initiative with Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Ghaddar along with GUST professor in the Math and Natural Sciences Department, Dr. Kamaludin Dingle, spent 10 days in the UK to discuss research potential with esteemed researcher Professor Ard Louis.



The purpose of the trip was to discuss research ideas and potential projects with Professor Ard Louis, and Dr Kamaludin Dingle, in one of the top universities in the world. The main topic of the research is bioinformatics analysis of RNA chemical structures, and how they adapt. As part of the trip, Ghaddar was able to help perform computational analysis of RNA sequences and structures.



GUST has shifted focus and part of its new strategy is to focus heavily on supporting and boosting research and research collaborations among faculty and students alike. The unique venture is one of the steps taken to support this cause, a great personal academic experience for Ghaddar, as well as an prime opportunity to encourage student-run research and academic excellence.