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GUST Students Complete Summer Scholarships at UMSL & GWU

14 December 2016

Nine Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) students completed their 2016 summer scholarship program at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) and George Washington University (GWU). The Office of International Programs organized a presentation for the students to share their experience abroad and encourage other students to apply for this great opportunity.


Each student shared their experience highlighting how it enriched their personal and academic growth.  The students explained how living in a different culture and environment sharpened and developed their skills and allowed them to become more independent and more confident. The students shared their challenges and the most rewarding moments of their experience.



Mrs. Liane Constantine, International Liaison Specialist at UMSL, then took the floor to talk about her new role at the university, benefits of studying abroad, and how to apply for the 2+2 and summer scholarship programs. Mrs. Constantine added that she will ensure to include more opportunities to enhance our students’ experience for their professional development and get the most of out of their time at UMSL.



GUST Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Raghad Al-Kazemi, shared her travel experience with the students, and provided some insight on how to prepare themselves for long distance trips.



Read more about the students’ experience in the attached testimonials!


2+2 Program: https://www.gust.edu.kw/content/gust_22_program

Summer Scholarship: https://www.gust.edu.kw/content/gust_summer_scholarships