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GUST Students Present Housing Solution

4 March 2021

Kuwait City, 4 March 2021: Students from GUSTs Real Estate Investment course were presented with an award by former Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Marafie, for their project proposing a solution to the housing issue in Kuwait. They are Zainab Baydoun, Al Hatoon Al-Jneai, Deema Alissa, Ranofa Al-Abdulmughni, Rayan Sameer Saeed, Kawther Oudeh, and Loloh Al-Aladsani.


The students worked together to create a project after realizing the potential use of certain parts of Kuwait City. They proposed the use of 400,000 square meters adjacent to Al-Shaheed Park, and across from The Public Institution for Social Security on Al-Soor Street. This will develop an inner-city with residential towers and potentially allow for 4000 new housing applications which will contributing to solving the housing issue in the country.

Real Estate Investment student, Ms. Zainab Baydoun, said “that most of the material we learned in class was applicable to the real world thus creating a practical experience for us as students. We also learned more as a team on how to create, develop, and execute solutions.”


Professor of the Real Estate Investment course, Dr. Abdallah Al-Falah, said, “the housing issue is of the most significant importance for families in Kuwait, challenging Kuwaiti citizens' lifestyle. This project proposes a realistic solution of integrating the capital with residential apartment buildings that meet all the requirements.  I am proud to have taught this course, the only of its kind in Kuwait, at GUST. I am also proud of my students for taking an interest in helping their country but, more importantly, in facing the challenge and believing in themselves to make a change. This is evidence that we have to support the youth because they are the key for our future.”


During the 2020 Pandemic, GUST opened its facilities in support of the Ministry of Health, to allow for 290 individuals to finish their 14-day quarantine. In 2015, the PR Club compiled 56 tons of donated clothes for the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. The housing project represents a long standing tradition of the GUST community taking on real life problems and creating initiatives as well as solutions.