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GUST Students Successfully Complete 2-Week IT Training

22 December 2016

GUST organized a two-week training program for the Computer Science Networks class, led by Networks Professor Dr. Israa Omran in collaboration with the university’s IT Department, the first of its kind for the university. The goal of the training was to provide the students with hands-on experience in a real work environment complimenting what they’ve learned throughout the semester.


21 seniors completing the Networks course entered the training program, where they learned how to make successful connections between devices, how switches, routers & servers work, and how to troubleshoot various network-related issues. The IT Department team organized hands on activities for the students, and discussed topics such as virtual LANs, routers, connections, and switches & servers.


Computer Science Department Head, Dr. Taher Ali, said: “The success of this course not only proved the capability of our students, but also how responsive the university is to those capabilities. This course has now opened doors for CS students to exercise their skills, implement what they learn in class, and even gain real job experience”.


Following the success of this course, the GUST IT Department will be providing several advanced training courses throughout the year, as well as opportune part-time positions for interested students based on their training performance.


Upon completing the training course, students were awarded practical certificates by Eng. Paul Zalloua, Assistant Vice President of Planning and Development, Dr. Taher Ali, Computer Science Department Head, and Networks Professor, Dr. Israa Omran.


The GUST Computer Science Department has been working consciously over the past two years to increase engagement with the students and community through several initiatives such as the addition of new course electives, organization of a specialized orientation program for CS students and high school students, and participation in local & international competitions.