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GUST Students Successfully Complete Public Institution for Social Security’s IT Workshop

25 September 2017

Seven GUST students successfully completed a 10-day intensive workshop with Public Institution for Social Security’s IT Department. The workshop mainly focused on networks and communication.


The training was headed by Systems Engineer Trainer, Wasan Al-Khateeb, and Engineer Mariam Boshehri, from the institution, in coordination with GUST’s Head of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Taher Ali, and Networks professor, Dr. Israa Omran. By the end of the course, students were able to seamlessly install Windows, servers, and workstations, as well as create domains, usernames, passwords, sharing folders, restricting access, policies to retract USBs and other devices, printer queues, and how to build a trust between two domains.



GUST College of Arts & Sciences Dean, Dr. Ali Ansari, said, “It is evident that the training immensely improved the skills of our students, and gave them a practical demonstration on how to apply the knowledge they acquire here into the real world.”


GUST continuously aims to encourage capable, well-rounded graduates, with hands-on experience. Well done to the students who completed the workshop: Ibrahim Al Rishidi, Mohammed Sharawi, Karim Al Maghrabi, Dalal Al Salem, Bedour Al Otaibi, Zahraa Bojabarah, and Munera Tawfiqi.