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GUST VP of Academic Affairs Accepts Boardmanship at International Center for Educational Research and Practice in the USA

5 December 2017

GUST announced the nomination and acceptance of Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan Vice President for Academic Affairs on the Advisory Board of the International Center for Educational Research and Practice (ICERP) at the  Vista Innovation Center, based in San Diego, California.  ICERP, which was recently launched in May 2017, will be run with support of its three primary partners, the University of California at San Diego Graduate School of Education (UCSD GSE), the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) and the Vista Unified School District, which collectively have close to 150 years’ experience in education.



This three-way partnership represents some historical firsts, in that this is the first UCSD GSE research initiative physically located on a school district campus, and will serve as the first physical location in the northern part of San Diego County for SDWP.


The center’s primary purpose is to conduct neuro-scientific and cognitive scientific research in a school-community setting, so that the usual lag time between research and practice-based findings is significantly reduced.  Secondly, the center is also designed to serve as a crossroads for global partnerships that promote international collaboration and benchmarking.  Lastly, ICERP will facilitate “inter-sectionality of thought” among partners so that the impact of the research can serve the disciplines of lifelong learning, college & career readiness, family & community engagement, and societal-scale thinking.  Working together, the partners are creating a spectrum of programs designed to make school more relevant and prepare students better for a knowledge-based society and globally competitive economy.


Professor Donald Bates, GUST University President, said, “Whenever someone from the GUST family is offered such a powerful advisory position, I am reminded by the wealth of knowledge and experience our university has.  As a knowledge-hub, it is important that we be guided by such competent individuals, and we are proud that through Dr. Al-Sharhan, we can say that GUST is helping establish such an innovative and scientifically advanced center that is destined to make a huge contribution to science.”


In order for the center to realize its goals, it has extended an invitation to Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan, to join as a board member, and to impart his leadership skills to help expand learning opportunities for students as they prepare for careers in an increasingly competitive and complex world.

Selection to the board was based on a nomination process which comprises a number of criteria such as one’s professional position, previous contributions towards innovative education, and the potential to contribute to the board in terms of adding a wider perspective to achieve the goals of its mission, by providing guidance on where research should be focused, which will then amplify knowledge dissemination practices to solve societal issues on a large scale.  The center will officially begin operation in January 2018 with the launch of the advisory board.

Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan, Vice President of Academic Affairs at GUST, said, “My role will be to contribute to the board’s expertise in education transformation, future career readiness, and to represent the perspective of the Middle East.  I will also aim to foster cooperation between the ICERP, GUST’s Center for Teaching Learning and Research, and other institutions in Kuwait and the region.”


Dr. Al-Sharhan earned his PhD in Systems Design Engineering, with an emphasis in Computational Intelligence, from the University of Waterloo in 2002, and has extensive teaching experience in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, MIS, and intelligence system areas, and has taught in several institutions such as GUST, Kuwait University, and the University of Waterloo on both undergraduate and graduate levels.  Among Dr. Al-Sharhan’s major accomplishments are the development of several e-learning and e-health models, and his participation in developing the strategic plans for different sectors in the State of Kuwait, such as the e-learning strategy of the Ministry of Education which led to the introduction and implementation of e-learning throughout all schools in Kuwait.