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Handicaps Facilities


Wide elevators are distributed around the campus buildings and near all entrances and exits. All elevators are wide enough for all standard types of wheelchairs, walker rollators and folding walkers. Elevators access buttons are all within reach from sitting/standing positions.


The campus buildings have escalators located near entrances that reach collages and departments with ease. All escalators have sensors allowing them to stop when no one is near for energy saving. Elevators are accessible near all campus stairways.

The campus buildings have spacious and air-conditioned waiting rooms near all exists and within the campus as well.

Every toilet has a disability compartment equipped with all accessories and an emergency calling phone.

Emergency phones are accessible all-around campus. All phones are within sitting positions.

Campus hallways, corridors and classrooms are spacious and are suitable for all types of wheelchairs and other needed aids.

Parking areas for special needs are located nearest to the campus entrances. All disables parking areas are wide and have extra area for convenience and ramps for all types of wheeled aids.


The campus main entrances have loading areas with ramps for those driving the disabled person. Security personnel are always ready for aiding services.


Ramps appear everywhere in the campus buildings and their facilities whenever there are steps (theaters, halls, meeting rooms…)