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HR Units



Talent Acquisition & Retention                                                                                                                                  Back to top

Encompasses the activities involved in building and maintaining GUST workforce, such as sourcing, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, orientation & retention.

The main tasks are handling:

  1. Job advertisements in local and overseas targets.
  2. All recruitment formalities to employ academic and non-academic staff from both Kuwait and abroad according to the University's manpower needs.
  3. Part-time faculty or staff member hiring whenever requested.
  4. Authentication of all degrees and transcripts for faculty.
  5. Monthly/weekly progress reports that record the unit's activities.
  6. All recruitment offers and contracts.
  7. Applicant queries concerned with their recruitment procedures.
  8. All manpower requests and obtain the necessary approvals.


Total Rewards                                                                                                                                                        Back to top

Encompasses direct & indirect remuneration approaches used to attract, recognize and retain GUST employees.

The main tasks are handling:

  1. Staff and faculty payroll
  2. Annual manpower and training budgeting
  3. Annual ticket for faculty/directors
  4. Staff leave processes
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Education allowance for faculty/directors
  7. Annual ticket for faculty/directors
  8. End of Service process for exiting staff and faculty


Government Relations                                                                                                                                              Back to top

This unit is responsible for all the government relation activities and requirements within GUST.

The main tasks are handling:

  1. Renewal/Creating of Residency and Civil ID for all staff and faculty.
  2. Any residency issues.
  3. Driving license issues.


Personnel & Administration                                                                                                                                       Back to top

This unit is responsible for all the personnel and administrative activities and requirements within GUST.

The main tasks are handling:

  1. PMOS Self Services
  2. Maintenance of HRMS
  3. Conference and duty issues for staff and faculty


Learning & Development                                                                                                                                            Back to top

To promote and support employee development that enhance organizational knowledge and employee capability within GUST.

The main tasks are handling:

  1. GUST organization structures
  2. GUST Job Descriptions
  3. Employee investigations
  4. Staff Training
  5. Staff Performance appraisal and assessments
  6. Employee Development Plans
  7. Employee Competency Framework