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Institutional Effectiveness

About the Department of Institutional Effectiveness (IE)

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) oversees the implementation of the University’s strategy and facilitates its translation into measurable objectives deployed across the different units at GUST. We aspire to enable GUST to effectively standardize, benchmark, and continuously improve all academic and administrative functions, promote enterprise innovation, and enhance the quality of education and services at GUST up to the highest international standards.


The Department of Institutional Effectiveness managestwo offices: the Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment (QAO) and the Office of Institutional Research and Accreditation (IRO).


The QAO functions primarily to promote a culture of quality across the University and to maintain the necessary mechanisms that support effective performance management. The IRO supports data-informed decision making that enables institutional improvement and enhanced student learning .


We provide oversight and coordination of variousinitiatives that support the University’s strategic plan. Some of the services we provide include:

  • • Strategic and operational planning
  • • Performance management and KPI deployment
  • • Project and operations management
  • • Quality assurance and enhancement
  • • Process improvement and re-engineering
  • • Lead and assist in academic accreditation and QA certification
  • • Conduct and communicate institutional surveys
  • • Provide and maintain accurate repository of institutional data





About the Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment

The Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment (QAO)is responsible for the development and maintenance of GUST’s integrated planning and performance management system (I-PMS) and quality management system (QMS). The QAO functions to monitor, review, and help improvedifferent departmental and institutional functions by providing coaching and guidance to ensure that proper planning and evaluation, policies and procedures, and quality frameworks are communicated and implemented appropriately.


About the Office of Institutional Research and Accreditation

The role of the Institutional Research Office (IRO) is to support data and documentation needs for strategic and operational planning and management. The IRO collects, analyzes, organizes, reports and communicates appropriate data to consistently provide an accurate understanding of how the University is progressing with its mission. This involves data management and documentation, internal and external reporting, accountability and decision support in terms of institutional effectiveness and strategic planning.