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Special Projects Coordinator


The Coordinator of Special Projects will manage and execute on a wide variety of projects, across a number of functional areas.  This person will work closely with team mates to provide support, collaboration, and strategic vision. The Special Projects Coordinator is a position created in response to the strategic alliance made by GUST and REMAS Financial Group to manage initiatives and projects that resulted from the strategic alliance such as the Gulf Financial Center and REMAS Institute. Hence, this role requires someone who is a true team player, pitching in to own and manage projects that are time sensitive and critical.  Given the diversity across tasks, the Coordinator of Special Projects will be expected to be versatile and learn and act on new information efficiently, while maintaining a strong attention to detail.


Community Outreach: Creating and managing programs and events that increase Community engagement; developing strategies for engaging the participation of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and interested community residents in sustainability, entrepreneurship, SMEs and finance. Taking decisions; attending meetings of relevant community groups (often in the evening); interacting and building linkages with our initiatives and the society?s finance and sustainability communities.

Local Business Outreach: Creating and managing programs that build relationships with local businesses; developing programs resulting in partnerships with local businesses that support all programs, including marketing, fundraising, education, and local outreach; keeping local businesses informed of recent developments.

Volunteer Coordination: Maintaining and increasing volunteer base; answering volunteer requests; maintaining volunteer contact information in database; notifying volunteers of volunteer opportunities; scheduling, screening, and overseeing volunteers for events; keeping volunteers informed of recent developments.

Marketing: Designing, arranging and managing the creation and distribution of marketing materials and proprietary merchandise.

Organizational Archiving and Administrative Assistance: Managing the cataloging and archiving of all materials including press clips, photographs, maps, video footage, and historical materials. Manage and coordinate with the respective departments all administrative and financial matters related to the special projects. Assist the Director with all administrative tasks.

Community Events: Coordinating community events, exhibitions, and street fairs, including scheduling events, arranging venues, publicizing events, coordinating volunteers, and tracking attendees.

Education Programs: Corresponding and coordinating with educators; acquiring materials and supplies for programs; locating locations for classes; attending classes, openings, and presentations.

Base Qualifications:

- Proven entrepreneurial skills and experience in starting and managing small businesses.

- A team player willing to work on tight timelines and pitch in when needed;

- Strong computer skills preferred (MS Excel, Word, Outlook, internet research, etc.); and

- A positive attitude, patience, and persistence, especially when dealing with various internal and external constituents.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016
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