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Strategic Planning–GUST ‘17


GUST aims to be the premier private university as well as the ‘University of Choice’ in Kuwait and the region for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. We want to promote academic and research excellence and aspire to become a leader in the pursuit of knowledge in Kuwait.


  • •    Provide students with an excellent learning and teaching environment, and equip them with the required tools and knowledge to be leaders in the market.
  • •    Enrich the cultural, intellectual, academic, scientific, and technological life in Kuwait as well as in the Gulf region and the Arab world, by creating and disseminating knowledge and fostering academic and research excellence.
  • •    Contribute to the development of Kuwaiti society and the market place through superior quality programmatic offerings including academic and continuous education programs for all members of the community.

GUST Values


GUST honors academic integrity and preserves ethical conduct; we cherish diversity and promote honesty and fairness.



GUST is committed to delivering the best educational services to its stakeholders by adopting best practices in quality assurance and management tailored to the GUST environment.


We are responsible for our beliefs and actions, and accountable for their impact on the society. We strive for transparency across the University and its operations.


Creativity and Innovation
GUST fosters student creativity and innovation through an environment comprising innovative people and learning facilities.


Through its people, GUST exercises high levels of professionalism across its core functions to serve the University’s mission and its stakeholders. We strive to equip students with well-rounded skillsets and instill in them a sense of professionalism that will prepare them for the workplace or further education.

GUST Values

                                                                       Figure 1: GUST Values



Strategic Goals and Integrated Objectives

The GUST ’17 strategic pillars include:

1.    Excellence in Learning and Teaching:

GOAL 1: To promote excellence in teaching and academic programs at GUST according to international standards of the highest quality.

2. Excellence in Research, Faculty development, and Scholarship

GOAL 2: To attract and retain highly productive faculty members, support research and creative initiatives; provide faculty development programs, graduate programs and scholarship.

3. Student Life and Success

GOAL 3: To provide an exceptional student experience by helping GUST Students to achieve their educational goals successfully, to promote the “student first” attitude and ensure a creative work environment and to increase the vitality of the campus and students’ non-class activities.

4. Institutional Effectiveness

GOAL 4: Promote a culture at GUST that is conducive to achieving institutional effectiveness by providing a productive, professional work environment to ensure the constant commitment to GUST Success.

5. Lifelong Learning, Community Service, and Business Development

GOAL 5: To support Kuwaiti Society and the GUST Community by providing effective lifelong learning experience and internationally recognized outreach programs and to increase the external collaborative projects focusing towards expanding business opportunities.

 Summary of GUST '17 Strategic Goals & Objectives
Figure 2: Summary of GUST '17 Strategic Goals & Objectives