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General Education

The General Education Program:

All students are required to successfully complete the General Education Curriculum.

The program allows students to broaden their perspectives by providing them with the opportunity to choose courses in areas of their own interests.


GUST provides students with a broad range of subjects essential to becoming well-educated college graduates and citizens. At the same time, the program allows different colleges and majors the flexibility to adjust these offering to their own needs. 


The General Education at GUST has two components: a set of Core Courses and a cluster of required disciplines:

The Core Courses (7 courses, generally at 100 level) provide students with foundational proficiency and skills in writing, math, information literacy as well as an intercultural skill by allowing them to discover their heritage and the cultural diversity of the world surrounding them.


The Explore Courses (7 courses) provide students with a breadth of exposure to several discipline in Humanities and Fina Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Math and Natural Sciences and ensure them with a certain level of intellectual breadth


General Education Mission

1.      Providing courses that show students the interrelationships between subjects and disciplines 

2.      Identifying and implementing early intervention programs to support students struggling in English/Math 

3.      Facilitating student activities that foster student/faculty engagement in research and problem solving 

4.      Including activities in all courses that facilitate the application of skills to “real-world” problems to promote development of critical thinking skills 

5.      Providing students with extracurricular activities and clubs that promote community involvement  


General Education Requirements