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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Business provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to plan, manage and operate businesses internationally. Topics include course in international marketing, international finance, international management, and other courses designed to help you succeed in your future career as an international business professional.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business is typically a 120 credit-hour, four-year degree program. Students are required to complete 40 courses for graduation. The coursework includes:



Credit Hours

Number of Courses

General Education Requirements

42 credit hours

14 courses

College Requirements

33 credit hours

11 courses

Major Requirements

21 credit hours

7 courses

Major Electives

15 credit hours

5 courses

University Free Electives

9 credit hours

3 courses

Total 120 credit hours 40 courses


Students who pursue a specialization in International Business must take the following major required courses.


Major Requirements (7 Courses)

·         FIN 380 International Finance

·         MGMT 371 International Management

·         MGMT 441 Organizational Development

·         MGMT 471 Role of the Global Corporation

·         MGMT 482 International Strategic Management

·         MRKT 460 International Marketing

·         MRKT 480 Quantitative Marketing Methods


In addition, International Business students should take five major elective courses from the following list.


Major Electives (Any 5 courses)

·         FIN 351 Islamic Banking and Finance

·         MGMT 312 Business Forecasting

·         MGMT 315 Operations Research I

·         MGMT 324 Quality Assurance in Business

·         MGMT 325 Basics of Logistics

·         MGMT 331 Project Management

·         MGMT 341 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

·         MGMT 361 Leadership

·         MGMT 415 Operations Research II

·         MGMT 421 Business Logistics Systems

·         MGMT 422 Lean Production in Manufacturing and Service

·         MGMT 451 Employee Training and Development

·         MGMT 483 Principles of Entrepreneurship

·         MGMT 495 Special Topics in Management

·         MGMT 499 Management Internship

·         MIS 443 Decision Support Systems