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Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Manal Hosni

Head of Department


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become productive members of a complex and diverse society, successful international professionals, and responsible global citizens. To this purpose, we offer a vast multidisciplinary array of courses that students complete both as electives and as part of GUST’s General Education Requirements.


The Department's primary objectives are to:

• Foster critical thinking and appreciation of the rich cultural, social and artistic heritage of humanity, and examine its ethical and aesthetic values.

• Support students in the development of interdisciplinar skills, learning strategies and research methodologies necessary for advanced intellectual and professional endeavors.

• Contribute with world-class research to advances in the various fields of scholarly inquiry represented in our department.

• Put faculty expertise to the service of institutions, scholars and the general public, both locally and internationally.

• Contribute to our university’s institutional effectiveness and growth by adopting transparent, collegial and ethical standards of governance.


Degree Requirements

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department offers a wide range of courses in over ten fields of academic inquiry. Students complete courses from our department either as general electives or as part of the University’s General Education Requirements. Career Outlook

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is dedicated to the formation of highly-skilled professionals who, regardless of their ultimate employment, are expected to function in a globalized environment and possess not only the practical skills, but also the cultural and social sensibility to perform in an increasingly globalized workplace.