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Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dr. Maya Kirilova Mitkova

Department Head

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is to provide a solid foundation in mathematics and the natural sciences to students of all faculties at GUST. In addition, the department aims to develop itself into a center of excellence (both in teaching and research) in mathematics and the natural sciences.

The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at GUST serves all students interested in mathematics, statistics and sciences. These include students minoring in Mathematics in order to achieve intellectual enrichment. Also, students from the Departments of Business Administration and Computer Science need to acquire mathematical skills in order to be successful in their majors. Students learn to investigate a diversity of mathematical and statistical concepts, to communicate clearly, and to think independently, critically, and creatively. The department provides foundations for critical thinking by developing skills in logic and problem-solving. It offers a broad selection of courses in mathematics and its applications, statistics, physics, biology and chemistry. Lab work is embedded in many of the courses offered by the department to better enhance and deepen the students’ appreciation of the subjects taught.