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Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dr. Mohamed Ben Romdhane

Department Head

Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip students with a solid base in mathematics and science, build up foundations for critical thinking, develop ability to reason and apply inductive and deductive logic. To achieve these, we support training and professional development of our faculty, implement quality assurance, enforce assessment standards in teaching, and retain a favorable environment for quality research. We promote Mathematics and Natural Sciences fields by engaging the community within and outside of GUST.


  1. Develop intellectual curiosity, logical reasoning, and critical thinking abilities.  
  2. Utilized technology to give priority to concept exploration, analysis, and evaluation of the results.  
  3. Identify students who experience academic difficulties and incorporate independent resource-based learning. 
  4. Use the best educational practices to establish a productive and dynamic learning environment. 
  5. Encourage faculty to attend professional development workshops in teaching.
  6. Create an atmosphere of research quality excellence
  7. Promote awareness about the Math and Natural Sciences fields within the community.

Career Outlook

The Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences is devoted to form professionals with excellent problem- solving and critical thinking skills to be adopted in their projects or case studies regardless of their employment.

Degree Requirements

The Mathematics & Natural Sciences Department offers several math and natural science courses required for all degrees and programs either as Major Requirements or as part of the University’s General Education credits.