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8th GUST Math Competition

10 April 2022 to 30 April 2022

The Math Foundation Program and the Math and Natural Sciences Department at GUST held its 8th Annual High School Mathematics Competition on March 26th. The competition had six participating high schools from around Kuwait: American school of Kuwait (ASK), Canadian bilingual school (CBS), British School of Kuwait (BSK), Universal American School (UAS), Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS) and Dasman Bilingual School (DBS). The Annual Math Competition was held on GUST campus, which is the first time this event has been held physically since the pandemic.



The competition consisted of three parts. The first part involved presenting a related topic of the high school’s choice, followed by a short Q&A session. The presentations were then assessed by five judges from GUST's Mathematics Department, based on five criteria: creativity, mathematical concepts, mathematical communication and representation, responding to questions, and presentation structure. The second part consisted of a 10 question test, each team worked together to complete a set of challenging math problems. Lastly, an individual speed round took place where every student competed to get the most questions right, taking place via Kahoot, a game-based learning platform that uses multiple choice quizzes accessed via web-browser.


In first place was ASK, while in second and third place were BSK and BBS respectively. The individual rankings were Nadim E of BSK in first place, Jeaneon Hong of ASK in second place, and Ashria Sidhu of BSK in third place. The top three teams were awarded with gift vouchers from Xcite.


The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Prof. Bashar Ibrahim said “We are happy to organize the eigth version of this competition which has been gaining more attention from high school every year. It’s an amazing opportunity that brings together students from all kinds of schools, putting their students in a situation that enables them to compete and hone their skills in a way that is not possible in the classroom. In addition to promoting the importance of mathematics among the youth.”


This event is one of many that perpetuates GUST’s mission of connecting and building relationships with the community, as well as boosting development in its areas of expertise, while sparking interest in overlooked areas of education. Seeing this competition take place in its eigth version is a testament to GUSTs staff and faculty's determination to maintain its strong community outreach and relationships outside the university walls.