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Brilliant Minds Episode 5 - The Tutoring Center

As a continuation of the Brilliant Minds Discussion series, the latest episode featured two prominent tutors from the Tutoring Center.  The Tutoring Center operates under the umbrella of the One Stop Student Services Center (OSC) - and whose sole purpose is to aid and support students to succeed.


The discussion touched upon a number of pertinent points relevant to students, especially new ones who have joined GUST this year.


The Tutoring Center is accredited by CRLA, and as per the CRLA accreditation Level 1 requirements, OSC tutors are required to attend 10 hours of training to be able to properly deal with their peers and shape a successful tutoring experience. The university works methodically with the tutors to ensure that they offer quality tutoring sessions.


To watch the full discussion and learn more of what is availabe, click on the following link - https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGAeGeSAiUq/

6 October 2020