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Concept of Digital Visual Identity Explored

21 March 2019 to 11 April 2019

Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) hosted a seminar on its campus on the subject of “Sustaining the competitive identity of Kuwait: The role of social media users”. The main objective of the seminar, which was open to the public, was to present research conducted on Kuwait’s competitive and digital identity, and how the image of Kuwait can be sustained globally through the contribution of the social media users and how to improve its digital image, all in line with the nation’s vision for 2035.


The event, funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), featured three speakers, Dr. Yasser Abdelrahim, Assistant Professor at the GUST Mass Communication & Media Department, Jose Filipe Torres, CEO of Bloom Consulting, a nation and city branding agency focusing on the digital approach, and Antonia Jolic, Instructor of Visual Communication at GUST, who spoke about the logos conceptualized and developed by GUST graphic design students supporting Kuwait’s digital image.


The seminar started with an introduction by Dr. Yasser Abderlahim about the concept of a competitive identity, which was followed by a presentation of the responses of social media users to the survey designed for the research.


Mr. Jose Filipe Torres followed with his talk about the concept of having a digital identity, and presented the data Bloom Consulting gathered to examine the digital identity of Kuwait, and explain how the digital identity of Kuwait could be enhanced.


To end the event, Ms. Antonia Jolic spoke about her graphic design students’ contribution to the digital image of Kuwait and the process they went through to design the logos, all of which fall in line with presenting Kuwait in a positive light with regards to its digital identity.


With this, GUST is the first university in Kuwait that has produced a research project about the ‘the competitive and digital identity of Kuwait’. More so, it will also will be the first university to highlight how the image of Kuwait can be globally sustained in collaboration with an international nation and city branding agency, like Bloom Consulting.


With this, GUST maintains its position as a host to events that exemplify how academic research goes hand-in-hand with supporting the government of Kuwait efforts and enhance the visual position Kuwait has as part of the 2035 New Kuwait development plan.