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CTLR Launches Spring 2017 Activities

4 February 2017 to 18 February 2017

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) kicked off its’ Spring activities with two unique workshops to help educators in Kuwait to create connections and build an intellectual community of teachers, enhance content knowledge and instructional methods, energize teacher-student engagement in the classroom, and improve academic performance countrywide for K-12 students. The workshops were attended by over 65 participants from various educational institutions in the country.



One of the workshops, led by GUST professor, Dr. Marta Tryzna, focused on cultural competence for educators, which is the key to thriving in culturally diverse classrooms and schools. It can be learned, practiced, and institutionalized to better serve diverse students, their families, and their communities. The course provides suggestions and techniques to help teachers develop certain personal and interpersonal awareness and sensitivities, understand certain bodies of cultural knowledge, and begin to master a set of skills that, taken together, underlie effective cross-cultural teaching and locally responsive teaching.


The second workshop gave educators an insight on how to write grammar lesson plans. This was led by Instructor and GUST alumni, Ms. Nadine Raheem. The workshop focused on improving the skill of writing good lesson plans - particularly grammar plans - a subject which is the center of all language instruction. Workshop instructors and participants were awarded certificates upon completion.


CTLR is dedicated to assist educators in their professional development, provide educators and scholars with new educational methodologies, techniques and technologies, and serve as a research hub for educators, teachers & students. The center further cements GUST as a leading institution for higher education in Kuwait that supports and contributes to its community.